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Hans-Erik Hansson

Hans-Erik Hanson is the inventor of the BTC Technology. Hans-Erik has spent most of his professional life developing gas turbines and inventing new technology.  

Hans-Erik holds a M.Sc in Engineering

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Michael Bartlett

Michael is the CTO of Phoenix BioPower and will with his industrial and academic experience lead the development of the BTC technology.

Michael holds a PhD in Humidified gas turbines.

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Henrik Båge

Henrik is heading the business development and funding activities of Phoenix BioPower. Henrik brings more than 15 years of experience in finance, private funding and business development in the clean tech sector.

Henrik holds a Pol. Mag in Economics.


Oliver Paschereit

Oliver is responsible for the combustion technology development for the BTC process. Oliver has a long industrial and academic background within gas turbine technology development. Oliver currently holds the Chair at the Department for fluid dynamics and technical acoustics at TU Berlin.

Oliver is Professor as TU Berlin.