Phoenix BioPower is developing the future of biomass-fired power generation systems: the BTC.

The Biomass-fired TopCycle - the BTC - is a high-pressure and integrated plant to convert biomass to power. By gasifying the biomass in combination with a high-pressure gas turbine process and massive steam injection, unprecendented conversion efficiencies are achieved. Together with its plannable production capacity and best-in-class total efficiencies, the BTC plant will change how renewable power is produced in the future.

Our 60-30 Mission

Or mission is to reach 60% electrical efficiency from biomass by year 2030. 

We will enter the market with an electrical efficiency over 50% by 2023.


Highly-efficient, plannable and profitable renewable power from biomass.

Please watch the below video where we explain our vision and what we want to do!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu

What We've Achieved

The BTC technology and the innovations of Mr Hans-Erik Hansson has been in development for over10 years.

  • The first patent relating to the BTC was filed in 2004.

  • We currently hold 20 patents in 5 families, providing a solid IP foundation.

  • Over 40 MSEK has been directly invested in technology development, testing third party evaluations and building the patent portfolio.

  • 2016 Phoenix BioPower AB is formed.

  • 2016 Phoenix BioPower AB is included in the KIC Inno-Energy business accelerator.

  • 2017 2nd runner up in Power Circle Innovation Race

  • 2018 Phoenix BioPower receives MSEK in support from the Swedish Energy Agency for supporting and developing the IP portfolio

  • 2018 Top 10 Finalist in Nordic Cleantech Open out of 104 applicants

  • 2018 2nd runner up in Wistrand Startup Star out of 34 applicants

  • 2018 Phoenix BioPower receives 9.6 MSEK in support for the development of the BTC technology

  • Oliver Paschereit joins the founding team