We’re Hiring

Lab Engineer – Process and component testing

As our Lab Engineer, you will develop and work in our test facility where full-scale conditions will be simulated for biomass pre-treatment, gasification and combustion. In addition to operating the rigs, you have the responsibility to update, expand and maintain the laboratory facilities and equipment to meet current and future requirements for testing.  We see a broad role where you are heavily involved in interpretation of results and design iterations of the components and process. Work will be carried out in a project group with process, design and senior engineers to ensure the best input to planning, executing and validating the tests and analysis.

Over the next years, we will be continuously adapting and establishing new facilities. It will be your responsibility to drive the infrastructure and components changes, including participating in design work, ordering equipment and then leading the work done by externals on the rigs, installing and commissioning new components. An important task for you is to lead risk analysis of equipment and operating procedures to ensure a safe work environment. Once the rigs are established, daily tasks include operation, periodical maintenance and troubleshooting of lab rigs and infrastructure and co-ordinating chemical analyses of product samples produced.

Who are you? We are looking for a person with a strong interest for practical work. We believe you have experience from building, operating and troubleshooting mechanical and process equipment in a lab environment at high pressure, and analyzing the results. Experience with high and low voltage electricals and control systems is merited. In a start-up an open and curious mind-set is required, combined with the discipline to work independently with attention to detail and across different tasks. We love diversity and welcome all applications!

Design Engineer

As our Designer, you will be responsible for the mechanical design of our small-scale prototypes, test facilities as well as full-scale. You will drive work from initial to basic and then detailed engineering. A key part of your role will be to interact with suppliers and  produce the basis for external quotations on piping, valves and vessels, i.e. flow sheets, equipment lists, layouts, material specifications, and calculations. You will therefore need to understand pressure vessel norms, material restrictions and properties and be able to carry out flow, dimensioning and FEM analysis.

You will be based at our office and our test facility at KTH Campus, working in a project group with interfaces to our process, senior and lab engineers plus externals. A key software will be Solid Works or similar. Some travel may be required. You will also be part of installing designed prototypes and participate in the optimization process of each component.

Being “first on the job”, you will also be responsible to set up the structure for the design archive with traceabillity, logging and revisions management.

Who are you? We believe you have at least 3-5 years of commercial mechanical design from power-, heat- or process industries­. We expect a high degree of independence in executing the tasks. We love diversity and welcome all applications!

Senior Plant Engineer

Our BTC concept is a new plant technology that integrates biomass pre-treatment and gasification with a new type of gas turbine process. We are now looking for an experienced plant engineer to work on the integration and development of our system and components.

As our plant engineer, your main tasks will include formulating and updating BTC and component requirements, managing and coordinating interdependencies between the process steps, leading basic engineering, working with plant simulations in software like Aspen Plus and Ebsilon, carrying out technoeconomic analysis and ensuring process optimization. As design and testing in our company and externals evolves, your role is central in ensuring requirements, performance data, assumptions and interfaces are kept updated and the component development is in-step. You will have central role in defining our scale-up strategies and will lead the engineering of pilot plant and initial designs of the full-scale plant.

You will be base at our office and test facility at KTH Campus. Some travel will be required and work also includes participating in lab tests and other areas of our company as required. You will be working closely with our separate technical leads and CTO and will also have critical contacts with development partners, end-customers and other stakeholders. Building and coordinating relations with these will be an important part of your work, with case studies and application evaluations an important way of working.

Who are you? We believe you have at least 10 years of commercial experience from the power-, heat- or process industry. We expect a high degree of independence in executing the tasks. In a start-up, a curious and open-minded  mentality is needed, but we also require you to be disciplined and ensure high quality results.  It is crucial that you have strong interpersonal skills, as you need to reach across the different organisations, disciplines and people involved in our projects. To be successful, a deep technical understanding of each process step (biomass handling, gasification, combustion, gas turbine and plant design) will need to be developed. We love diversity and welcome all applications!  

To learn more, contact CEO Henrik Båge or CTO Michael Bartlett. Check here for details.