Phoenix BioPower receives more support form The Swedish Energy Agency

In Feruary 2019, Phoenix BioPower was granted 2.95 MSEK in support from The Swedish Energy Agency. The grant is related to a project for business development, parnter recruitment and funding strategy.

The project will run 2018 through 2020 with the purpose of facilitating and accelerating the coompanys business development activities in parallel with its technology development.

The BTC technology under development at Phoenix BioPower is both capital and competence intense and for that reason partners for the technology development and industrialization is necessary. This project aims to adress this need in order fo facilitate the succesful developement and commercialization of the BTC technology globally. Total budget for the project is SEK 6.5 MSEK.

Milestone week!

This week we signed the lease for the power plant at KTH Campus on Tuesday and on Thursday we started moving in and begun setting up our test rig!

We now have access to approx 280 m2 of floor area over 3 floors. A maximum ceiling height of 14 m and all the power and heat we can imagine! It also has a very tall chimney, more than 40m high!

Prof Oliver Paschereit Joins as Co-Founder

We are happy to announce that Prof Oliver Paschereit at TU Belin has joined the company as co-founder. Oliver has been involved in the development of the BTC and TopCycle technologies for many years and we are thrilled that he has chosen to join in on this venture.

Oliver brings decades of gas turbine development experience and will be responsible for the combustion development for the process, working in close cooperation with TU Berlin and the Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Technical Acoustics. Oliver will share his time between Phoenix and TU Berlin as of September 2018.

Phoenix BioPower receives 9.6 MSEK in support from Swedish Energy Agency

We are happy to announce that Phoenix BioPower has received 9.6 MSEK in support from the Swedish Energy Agency for Phase 1 in the BTC development program.

This is a key milestone in our journey to high efficiency biopower, giving us a stable platform to develop the core technologies from over the next year. We will have the privilege to execute this work together with KTH, Swerea, TU Berlin and Akademiska Hus, combining their expertise with critical input from our Reference Group of Stockholms Exergi, Svenska Kraftnät, Tekniska Verken och Sveaskog.

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The Phoenix BioPower team


Phoenix BioPower receives funding from Energimyndigheten

Phoenix BioPower has received 1.9 MSEK in funding from the Swedish Energy Agency, Energimyndigheten, for maintaining and developing the patent portfolio. Phoenix BioPower will also draft a comprehensive patent strategy together with its patent advisors at Prospero.

Phoenix BioPowers patent portfolio consists of 6 patent families, with 15 global applications, 9 approvals and 6 pending.

"We appreciate the strong support for the BTC technology shown by the Swedish Energy Agency" comments CTO Michael Bartlett.

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Phoenix seccond runner up in Power Circle Innovation Race

At the Power Circle Summit 2017 in Gothenburg, Phoenix BioPower came in at an honorable third place in the annual Innovation Race.

10 companies competed in the race, with innovative companies like Againity, Swedish Algae Factory and Insplorion. We are proud to be one of the winners in such an esteemed collection of companies.

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Euroturbine receives funding from Energimyndigheten

On Dec. 5, Energimyndigheten decided to fund a Feeder PoC project. The project budget is 2.25 MSEK and the funding from Energimyndigheten covers 70% of the budget.

The PoC (Proof of Concept) project will investigate the fuel feeding process, fuel behavior, time parameters, torrefaction, carbonization and gasification during pressurization with steam. The tests will be conducted at around 1/3-1/4 of industrial pressure.

The project has already been initiated at our facilities in Finspång with Hans-Erik Hansson as project leader. We expect initial results by end of Fabruary. The project duration is until September 2017.

Following the recent formation of Phoenix BioPower, the project will be carried out by the company Euroturbine. All results and IP rights will be transferred to Phoenix BioPower AB once completed. Euroturbine is a fully owned company by Mr Hans-Erik Hansson, one of the founders of Phoenix BioPower.

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