Fossil fuel still dominate the global energy market. Dirty coal plant pollute our environment with toxins and account for the majority of all carbon dioxide emissions in the energy sector. It’s time to reduce our dependence on this polluting energy source.

Phoenix BioPower have developed a new, scalable and cost effective technology that can double the electrical efficiency from biomass. This makes biopower a true replacement for power produced with fossil fuels. The potential global impact is tremendous.


Half of the corn cob is food, the other half is waste. We can take that waste stream and turn it into power, clean, renewable power.

Half of the corn cob is food, the other half is waste. We can take that waste stream and turn it into power, clean, renewable power.

Biomass as we see it are waste streams from primarily forest and agriculture industries. We can use that which is not used for other purpose to produce clean and renewable power to replace coal and supplement wind and solar when intermittent power can’t deliver.

What kind of Biomass are we looking for?
It can be wood chips, tree branches, straw, corn stover, husks and inshells. If you look at for instance corn, half of the corn cob is food, the other half is waste. We can take that waste stream and turn it into power, clean, renewable power. But also planable power.

A major advantage of biomass compared to other renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind energy, is that it is not weather dependent. We can produce power when it’s needed, or when prices are high. We can complement wind and solar to supply dependable, renewable power for industries, big cities, data centers and alike that needs the power 24/7/365.


The power of biomass reborn

For over 200 years, we have produced biopower with the simple principle of a stem engine: burning biomass, boiling water and turning a steam turbine. With the giant challenges of climate change and global urbanization ahead of us, we need to change how things are done: biopower must be reborn.

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BTC - A scalable solution for our planet

To meet the needs of tomorrow, biopower plants that consume half the biomass, produce on-demand, and are cost-effective are needed. Phoenix BioPower has found the solution to achieve this; we call it the BTC* technology. By converting biomass residues** into electricity in a clean and efficient process, our BTC technology enables profitable and planable renewable power. A unique opportunity to drastically improve the health of our planet and reliability of our energy system.

Our BTC Technology produces power from biomass twice as efficiently as traditional stem cycle technologies. In other words, half as much biomass is used per unit electricity produced and operating costs are cut almost by half. This results in a profitable plant that generates renewable power and heat on-demand.

As a co-generation technology, waste heat from the process can be used for industrial and commercial uses to also replace fossil energy.
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Capacity for Change

In Sweden our BTC Technology has an estimated potential of 50 TWh/year based on current district heating grids. BTC represents an opportunity to meet the retirement of nuclear power by 2040 with clean, profitable biopower that run when needed and provide heat to our cities.


China and India are expected to be our most important international markets, with a yearly growth rate of 17-20% for biopower. The market in China alone is huge, with clear economic and environmental incentives to replace thousands of dirty coal plants. The climate savings from just one BTC plant equals 1% of Bejing’s total CO2 emissions.

There are 300 Milion tons of agriculture waste and 300 Milion tons of forrest waste available for energy production in China every year. If all this waste was used as fuel in BTC plants, operating at 60% efficiency, the power generated would cover 25% of Chinas power generation and would reduce CO2 emissions equal to 500 milion cars, or twice as many cars there are in China today (2018).

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*BTC technology = Biomass-fired TopCycle
**Residues= Organic waste products from forestry and agriculture