Phoenix BioPower selected as global top-100 solution company!

Phoenix BioPower has been selected, as a 100 global solution at the 4th Mission Innovation Ministerial meeting in Vancouver, Canada. Phoenix BioPower was nominated was nominated by the Swedish Government. Each of the 100 solutions was selected for having a climate mitigation potential of more than 10 megatonnes CO2e or having strategic importance for 1.5 °C compatible strategies.

-We are naturally thrilled and very proud of the recognition from Mission Innovation and thankful for the nomination by the Swedish Government to the list of top 100 solutions. This is another testament to that we are on the right track in providing plannable renewable power for a global market that can make a significant difference for the climate, comments Henrik Båge, CEO.

The list of 100 solutions for the 4th Mission innovation can be found here: Mission Innovation

Mission Innovation (MI) was created by leading governments and launched in conjunction with Breakthrough Energy where many of the world’s most prominent billionaires join together. A new solution framework is now gathering the best of the best solutions for mitigating climate change, using accelerator nominations and winners in earlier competitions and initiatives. The aim is to bring investors and key users of innovative solutions (such as cities and large companies) together with policy makers to see how such solutions can not only grow, but grow exponentially.