Euroturbine receives funding from Energimyndigheten

On Dec. 5, Energimyndigheten decided to fund a Feeder PoC project. The project budget is 2.25 MSEK and the funding from Energimyndigheten covers 70% of the budget.

The PoC (Proof of Concept) project will investigate the fuel feeding process, fuel behavior, time parameters, torrefaction, carbonization and gasification during pressurization with steam. The tests will be conducted at around 1/3-1/4 of industrial pressure.

The project has already been initiated at our facilities in Finspång with Hans-Erik Hansson as project leader. We expect initial results by end of Fabruary. The project duration is until September 2017.

Following the recent formation of Phoenix BioPower, the project will be carried out by the company Euroturbine. All results and IP rights will be transferred to Phoenix BioPower AB once completed. Euroturbine is a fully owned company by Mr Hans-Erik Hansson, one of the founders of Phoenix BioPower.

Pleas contact the company for more information.